Home construction: The value of 3D modeling

by Silver Spoon Properties & Lending 02/04/2024

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For both commercial builders and those wishing to create their dream home from the ground up, having a plan in place is essential. By using a 3D home modeling tool, a floor plan can be brought to life, giving the greater a great idea of the direction their build will go in. 

The value of 3D modeling 

2D shapes drawn on paper can help builders start to bring their ideas into reality, however something that seems good in theory, may not be as practical in the 3D world. 

This is where 3D modeling comes into play, as you can use digital aids to draw lines, compare items and furniture pieces of the same height, create rooms and decor in a scalable fashion. 

How can I make a 3D model of my house?

There are many tools you can find online to create anything from a simple house or a larger building layout. Before downloading these tools to start modeling a house, it’s best to do research first on what services are available, so you get the optimal usage from the application. 

For example, some apps are free and allow for basic functions such as room mapping and general furniture placements. Others may be purchased with a fee, however; they may offer a more comprehensive package for your 3D modeling needs. 

This may include shade and texture mapping

  • Eraser tool
  • The ability to drag and drop
  • Unlimited focal length
  • And more

With the right research, you can find the appropriate 3D modeling tool to fit your needs to assist you on your next home building project.

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